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Sri Lanka in your own way

Sri Lanka, is the fourth tea producing country in the world. It was introduced in ancient Ceylon in the middle of the 19th century and since then it is still planted on the slopes of the central highlands of the country and carefully collected by hand.

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Singapur viajes a medida

Exclusive Singapore

Along with other South Asian countries, Singapore, known as the Asian Tiger, is one of the major financial centers and engines of Asia. United Kingdom for an international airport with the main capitals of the world, is one of the most attractive destinations for lovers of Formula 1 and major circuits, as it has a circuit called Marina Marina, which is characterized by its Urban layout through the streets of the city.

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Ethnicities in myanmar

Kayah is the smallest state in all Myanmar and stands out for the great ethnic variety that lives in the area. It is estimated that there are between seven and ten native ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is known by its name and has differences and marked traditions.

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Combodia with beach

Cambodia has one of the most unknown and surprising coasts in Southeast Asia. A booming destination which, in addition to offering travelers travel itineraries with fascinating and magical places like Angkor, also offers the possibility of enjoying a beach destination with areas as exclusive as the Song Saa Private Island.

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